Hvidøre Staff

Different scenes from the lives of loyal Imperial servants

Amazing photograph taken in the summer of 1920 (top-illustration). The personal and loyal staff of Maria Feodorovna. The group photograph is taken in front of the small greenhouse at the grounds of Hvidøre. The six women all lived in the house, the men where lodged in a domestik-building, set up for temporary purposes. Identified in the photograph are Life-Cossacks Yaschik and Poliakov, the waiter Ivan Wiagis, Chambermaid Cecilia Grunwald, Chambermaids Olga and Katharina Wassilievna, Mengdens´ chambermaid and companion Martha Ozerova, the nurse Xenia Moschaeva and Olga´s chambermaid Emilia Tenzov. The photograph is part of Yaschiks private family album and is probably taken by countess Mengden, an eager photographer © Private collection

The Hvidøre Staff assembled at Knudsminde in Ballerup in the mid 1930, the home and farm of Grandduchess Olga © Ballerup Museum