Imperial summer villa and home of the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna

The residence or summer villa Hvidøre at Klampenborg was bought in 1906 by the sisters Dagmar, Alexandra and Thyra. Dowager Empress of Russia, Queen of Great Britain and Duchess of Cumberland, respectively. The great house was the very first mansion in Denmark to be equipped with electric lights and all modern commodities, albeit that it was a summerplace and therefore not at all suitable for the danish wintercold. In 1920 the empress moved in with her staff, and took up her permanent residence here from 1923 as the unofficial matriark of the Russian refugees in Denmark. According to the civil list, the number of russian refugees amounted to a total of 3.500 people in 1921.

Residents in the villa in 1925 amounted to a total of 24 people: The Dowager Empress; Her family Olga, Nikolai, Tihon and Gurij Kulikovsky; The Lady-in waiting Zinaida Mengden; Chambermaid Cecilia “Kiki” Grunwald; Two other Chambermaids Martha Ozer and Emilia Tenzo; One Wardrobe attendant Olga Wassiliewa; one Maid Maria Iwanova; Life Cossacks Yaschik and Poliakov; the waiter Ivan Wiagis; two danish kitschenmaids Alpha Ellen Margrethe Jensen and Maria Johanne Willers Nielsen; One Housemaid Emilie Johanne; One Maid Thora Elvira Munch; A married couple Andersen the husband being gardener Knud Emil and their maid Anne Kirstine. Temporarily present was the Nurse Caroline Jensen from Diakonissestiftelsen