Kikis collection

Clothes for an Empress

Detail of the rich embroidery in jet-beads and black sequins on a dress kept by Cecilia Grunwald and formerly belonging to Empress Maria Feodorovna. The bodice was made by the Russian tailors Brisac. With it goes an embroidered skirt with a long train decorated with sequins, and a second equally rich embroidered bodice with long sleeves including a “false neck” in white and black lace. The two bodices´ are tailored for evening use (with a low cut) and for afternoons (with a neck). Kiki also had a more simple version, the black and white laced bodice with long sleeves, and silk shoes also formerly belonging to the Empress. The embroidery and tailoring is amazing, the bodices are made from layers of silk and tulle, and have an inside lining constructed with ribbons, bone and wire worthy of a modern engineer. The are all closed by the front, using hundreds of tiny metal and silk clasps. From a private collection