The early nineteenhundreds saw the appearance in Denmark of both photography and silent-movies. The Romanoffs were very eager amateur photographers, and the new media silent-movies was a great means of showing off the official and public appearances of royalty. In Denmark, the pioneer Peter Elfelt was the very first photographer to introduce silent-movies, and accordingly “shot” a great many interesting and historic “living pictures”. Denmark actually became the very first “Hollywood” and had a thrilling and very productive period of silent-movie making. It is very interesting, that the newest and latest of technical inventions were also used so liberally in the service of royalty. The top photograph includes still photographs from the Danish production The Cossack-Prince featuring German actors, from 1910, The Bear Hunt from 1908 and even from Red Russia from 1912.

Peter Elfelt, Danish photographer and pioneer

Emperor Nicolas II arriving at Elsinore

Empress Maria Feodorovna arriving by imperial yacht Standardt at Nordre Toldbod in Copenhagen, 1906

Photographing royalty at Fredensborg

Empress Maria Feodorovna arriving at Elsinore

Empress Maria Feodorovna arriving by train at Gentofte station, 1904 by Peter Elfelt

Russian prisoners-of-war arriving at Elsinore in Denmark

Professional Russian long-distance swimmer Romantschenko visiting Copenhagen in 1913

Representational newsreel of the new Russian bolschevik-government representative Envoy in Copenhagen 1918, the author Sergej Garine