Exhibition re-opening

An exhibition celebrating the centenary of the arrival of Grandduchess Olga in Denmark in 1920 is now re-opening at the great Olga collection in Ballerup, pure idyll in the countryside just outside Copenhagen. The Grandduchess, daugther of Maria Feodorovna, lived in the small town between 1930 – 1948 where she and her husband Kulikovsky mooved to Canada. The exhibits are original paintings with floral motives and landscape scenes and porcelain, decorated with flowers – the Grandduches´ favourites. The exhibition is open between june 26th and september 6th 2020. See also the exhibition “Road to Ballerup” featuring more private artefacts belonging to the Grandduchess and other Russian fugitives. See more at https://www.ballerupmuseum.dk/ Ill: Granduchess Olga, self-portrait © Ballerup Museum