In memory of

The founder and chairman of the Cultural Society Dagmaria, miss Irina Demidoff has recently and unexpectedly passed away – June 7th 2023. As a passionate researcher, Irina Demidoff has for many years been a great creative source, a “locomotive” of ideas, a skilled and independent conveyor of Romanov – and related danish – history as well as a curious and knowledgeable woman and a great friend.

She will be remembered for her never failing friendship, her personal strengh, her great humor and positive thinking, not to mention for some of her greatest projects, each of them contributing to peace and history: The discovery of the Yaschik family photographic album; The presentation of the commemorative icon “Mother of God” made especially for the reburial of the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna in 2006 (By artist Birte Nielsen); The historic reissue of the childrens´ book “Fairytale of the three white bears” illustrated by Grandduchess Olga with a preface by Xenia Kulikovsky Nielsen (1925/2008 and 2013); Restoring the gravesite of “kammer-cossacks” Yaschik and Poliakov at Assistens cemetery in collaboration with Yaschiks family; And for the commemorative statue of the Dowager Empress, situated in the city of Frederiksberg (Copenhagen), in 2013 made by artist Sergiy Boguslavsky.

Irina Demidoff will be greatly missed

Top Illustration: Irina Demidoff participating in the opening reception at the exhibition at the Assistens cemetery in Copenhagen (2006 – part of the memorial events at the reburial of the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna), flanked by the two senior members of the danish relatives of the cossack Yaschik.